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Senior Pet Care

At Skinner Animal Clinic, we want to ensure the best life for your pet throughout his or her advancing years!

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Generally, canines are considered seniors at age 7 and felines are considered seniors at age 8. Much like puppies and kittens, seniors require specialized care. Senior pets, as their immune system weakens with age, are more susceptible to illness, disease, and parasite infestation. 

It is normal for seniors to experience new age-related physical and behaviors. More frequent visits allow us to closely monitor developments in health such as weight loss, pulmonary health, lung disease, dental disease, cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, and cancer.  During this time in your pet's life, you may notice things like greater vocalization, confusion and disorientation, repetitive actions, wandering and even an altered sleep schedule.  Your old friend might be slower to respond.  Age brings about aches which may lead to a bit of irritability, decreased grooming and inadvertent house soiling. 

Chat with us about these new findings and experiences.  Together we can plan accommodations that can be made to help your old friend during his or her golden years.  

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