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Veterinary Pet Surgery

At Skinner Animal Clinic, we understand how stressful surgery can be. We strive to make all of our patients feel as comfortable and at ease as possible from pre-surgical procedures all the way to recovery.

Spay/Neuter Procedure

The veterinarians at Skinner Animal Clinic are experts in spay and neuter procedures and ensure a safe and comfortable procedure from start to finish.

These procedures promote longer and healthier lives. Additionally, you will experience far less challenges associated with natural sexual instincts, unwanted pregnancies, and heat periods. 

Spaying: surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies
  • Eliminates messy, problematic bleeding and heat cycles
  • Decreases the urge to roam
  • Eliminates mammary problems and uterine complications such as cancer, pyometra, and infection
  • Decreases aggressive behaviors
  • Spaying lessens mood changes
  • Better companion for you and your family

Neutering: surgical removal of the testicles

  • Decreases aggressive behaviors
  • Avoids issues such as testicular cancer and an enlarged prostate, which can be fatal and uncomfortable
  • Decreases the urge to roam
  • Encourages longevity
  • Better companion for you and your family

Dentistry & Oral Surgery

If your pet is suffering from painful dental conditions and other treatment options have proven ineffective, pain relief can be achieved by performing oral surgery. Our veterinary professionals are skilled in procedures needed for broken teeth, infections, and extractions, as well as oral tumors.

Soft-Tissue Surgery

Generally, soft-tissue surgery includes any procedure that does not involve the bones or joints, such as cardiovascular, hepatic, gastrointestinal, urogenital, reconstructive, and oncological procedures.

If you observe the following symptoms, call or visit us right away!

  • Abnormal lumps and bumps
  • Vomiting – Weight loss
  • Trouble urinating
  • Painful ears
  • Shaking the head

We commonly perform:

  • Mass Removal
  • Urinary Tract Surgery - Removal of bladder stones and infections
  • Wound Reconstruction - Reconstruction and treatment of trauma and lacerations
  • Basic Abdominal - Spay and Neuter

Tumor & Growth Removal

Tumors and growths are common in older pets, but can develop at any age. As tumors or growths become enlarged, movement may become increasingly restricted, especially in areas such as the throat and limbs. If you notice a lump or bump on your pet that is rapidly growing or changing, please call us immediately.

Growths can be malignant or benign. For your pet’s safety, we always recommend surgical removal to prevent the mass from growing or spreading to other areas of the body.

Hernia Repair

When addressed early, hernia repair is a minor procedure. To prevent enlargement and subsequent complications, we strongly recommend surgical treatment as soon as a hernia is identified. Hernias commonly grow in size due to weight gain, exercise, pregnancy, or trauma. If you locate an enlarged hernia on your pet, immediate medical attention is required to avoid infection, resection of dead tissues, strangulation, and possibly death.

Foreign Body Removal

Pets, most often dogs, tend to consume common, everyday objects that are not digestible—socks, balls, chew toys, hair ties, rocks and gravel, string, sticks, pantyhose, and underwear. The chances for a safe passing without the need for surgery largely depends on the size of the object and your pet. While some objects pass through the GI tract fairly easily, other objects get stuck, which can be extremely serious and life-threatening. Signs of a GI tract obstruction include: loss of appetite, dehydration, vomiting, inactivity, painful abdomen, weakness, abnormal stools (diarrhea, constipation, blood, odd color), and pale gums.

If you believe you pet has consumed a foreign object, do not hesitate to call us. When you come to the clinic, we will take x-rays to locate the foreign object and determine if surgery is required. In some cases, we can also attempt induced vomiting.  Many times than not, surgery will need to be performed. 

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